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  • Camera Obscura, Swans (2009)

    Posted by Lexington Green on August 29th, 2011 (All posts by )

    The song is here.

    (The video is just the album cover, so no point in putting it on here.)

    It is absolutely triple-A rated ear candy.

    I was having dinner at Noodles & Company (which is a pretty good chain) on Michigan Ave. a while ago and I heard over the noise this incredibly sweet pop song, with a girl singer, exactly my kind of thing, but I could not discern enough to track it down in the few seconds I heard out of it. I was downcast by this, figuring it was lost forever into the void. But then I went back there a few weeks later and was elated to hear it again. It was as delightful as I remembered it being. This time I was able to capture a few scraps of lyrics, and I was able to — get this — whistle the melody into my phone, so I wouldn’t forget it. I thought it might have been Camera Obscura, but I wasn’t sure, and my first efforts to identify it did not work out. When I got home I related this all to my son, who is by now well acquainted with my musical obsessions, and who has mad Internet noodling skilz. He quickly found it. So, a happy ending.

    (I previously had another song by Camera Obscura on here called French Navy.)

    Lyrics below the fold

    There are flowers in my house
    And I bought them myself
    No surprises in the record collection
    You must have thought I was someone else

    I’m still afraid to get lost
    In a city I might explore
    But I’m not afraid to have
    An eloquent boy at my door

    at my door
    at my door
    at my door

    Oh you want to be a writer
    Fantastic idea
    You say you’ve never seen America
    I really think you’d like it there

    Maybe you should travel with me
    Is this the best idea
    Because you’ve never seen a red wood
    and you’ve never touched a deer

    a deer
    a deer

    a deer
    a deer
    my dear

    Are swans deceiving us all
    Oh I for one should know
    I never felt myself so graceful
    And I never swam so slow

    so slow
    so slow
    so slow…


    4 Responses to “Camera Obscura, Swans (2009)”

    1. Brandoch Daha Says:

      Do you know The 1900s?

    2. Nicholas Says:

      The song may or may not be cool, I can’t really hear it under all the compression artifacts.

      This live version has much better audio (and video too):

      It has the usual live noise/bad micing but at least it’s bearable.

      And yeah it’s quite good if a bit “girly” for my taste.

    3. Brandoch Daha Says:

      Camera Obscura! Yeah!

      At first I thought Swans was the band, and I wondered what on Earth you meant by “ear candy”. Good thing I clicked.

      “Hey, Lloyd, I’m ready to be heartbroken[1]
      ‘Cause I can’t see farther than my own nose at the moment.”

      Also, “Suspended from Class“.

      There’s some pale, mammothreptical life in that old island yet. Except for that bass player on “Monday”…

      [1] This!

    4. onparkstreet Says:

      Adore camera obscura.

      Also agree with ur comments onpr ine and sassoon over at zenpundit, but I can’t post there.

      – madhu

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