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  • Across the ocean, a message over the wireless…

    Posted by Telegram from Innisfree on January 24th, 2012 (All posts by )

    As the newest Chicago Lass (hardly a boy, last I checked), I want to thank Jon for letting me join in on all the blogging. Briefly, our family moved to Dublin this past August from the United States. That was a blogworthy effort all on its own, with our lives boiled down to 54 boxes on a cargo ship and 27 luggage pieces on a plane (we had a lot of bags to watch over). Of course we also had four kids & Grandma along.

    I am not Irish, although I have a name and face that “passes”. Twelve months ago, I could not have distinguished between Croke Park and Bushy Park, told you what potcheen was good for or understood what “Dia duit” meant. Twelve months ago I would have never predicted life would take our family here.

    It has been an unusual experience – being an American in a city that is very Irish, very engrossed in Europe – and, dare I say it… very British at times (the truth that dare not speak its name). It is at once engulfed in the past, and yearning for the future. In this small island, the last rugged rock until Newfoundland, I have come to understand things about the United States, about Europe and the UK, and most of all, about Ireland – a land filled with magic and contradiction, with sadness, with laughter, and with fear and hope for what lies ahead. I hope to share these discoveries with you.

    With warmest regards,
    Your correspondent from Innisfree


    10 Responses to “Across the ocean, a message over the wireless…”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      Thanks and welcome.

    2. David Foster Says:

      Welcome aboard!

      Check out my blogpal in Dublin, the Sibling of Daedalus.

    3. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Welcome – funny world, that! I’m a member of the Boyz too, in spite of also being of the decidedly feminine gender and never having set foot in Chicago!

    4. Bill Brandt Says:

      There is a section of coast there that is supposed to be absolutely beautiful.

      I think all the world loves the Irish – they have had so much crap thrown at them over the centuries and they keep their humor (humour to you!)

      Never been to Ireland (unless you count my troop transport stopping at Shannon to refuel 40 years ago!

      When you can understand Enya’s Gaelic consider yourself to have passed the test.

    5. Dan from Madison Says:

      Welcome and looking forward to the posts and some photos!

    6. Lexington Green Says:

      A most excellent development, this.


    7. Anonymous Says:

      Céad mile fáilte! The British-Isles-ness of Ireland (culturally, not politically) is one of those truths that dare not speak its name. But also the proximity to America. When I stood on the western shore in Ireland I couldn’t help thinking “It feels like Boston is just across the water.”

      Must be the pubs.

    8. Bill Brandt Says:

      I think the Irish have a particular affinity for America – when so many were starving of the potato famine we welcomed them.

    9. onparkstreet Says:

      Wow. This is wonderful. Wonderful introductory post. I look forward to more. Welcome!

      – Madhu

    10. Jeff the Bobcat Says:

      I love Ireland, I could live there. Visited twice and planning to return. I too had that strange feeling that Boston was just over the horizon when standing at the top of the Cliffs of Moher.

      Many years ago when my wife & I were vacationing in Ireland with my college roommate Chris and his wife, he & I were playing golf at a beautiful course called Lahinch. Chris hit his ball into the short rough and it just happened that one of the golf course Rangers was nearby and he helped locate Chris’ ball. So, Chris asked him for advice on his next shot. The Ranger very helpfully told him,”Aim a low shot at the hill to the left of the green and it will catch the slope and roll right onto the green.” Chris promptly duckhooks his ball into the deep heather. The Ranger in a perfect deadpan voice says, “That wasn’t so clever”. We still laugh over that story and is a great example of why I love Ireland. It’s all about the attitude.

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