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  • Assorted Links, or, I wish I could think up a better title for this post….

    Posted by onparkstreet on January 25th, 2012 (All posts by )

    The US could be almost self-sufficent for energy by 2030, while the EU will be the most vulnerable region for energy security, BP said on Wednesday.
    Growth in shale oil and gas production would mean the US needed few imports, while North America as a whole could be self-sufficient, BP forecast at its Global Energy Outlook 2030.
    BP forecast that Eurasia could also become self-sufficient, based on the prediction that Europe would being a net importer of energy, and the former Soviet Union countries net exporters by a similar amount.
    In practice, this would leave the EU the most vulnerable region for energy security.

    The Telegraph

    Friends, I have no particular knowledge of this subject. If you have anything to add in comments, I’d love to hear it.

    Ah, age. One of the most daring aspects of this novel is that Lively is concerned with the hearts and problems of older characters. Her major players are well past their youth, and a boyish up-and-coming historian (the snake in Lord Henry’s mansion) doesn’t become important until much of the novel has passed. “How much remains when youth is gone?” Lively seems to be asking. And the answer is, “An abundance.” Here middle and old age are times of blossoming identity and possibility, miraculous bursts of sunshine.

    – The New York Times reviews Penelope Lively’s novel, How it All Began.

    Even as a twenty-something, I was fascinated with literary representations of middle age. An odd one, that’s me.


    9 Responses to “Assorted Links, or, I wish I could think up a better title for this post….”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      “How much remains when youth is gone?” Lively seems to be asking. And the answer is, “An abundance.”

      Man, I hope so.

    2. Percy Dovetonsils Says:

      So, a bankrupt, demographically feeble, energy-poor Europe… all I can say is, heh.

    3. Rachel Says:

      Penelope Lively is a wonderful writer.

    4. John Wolfsberger, Jr. Says:

      Regarding the EU and energy, Western and Central Europe have reserves that would allow them to dramatically reduce dependence on imports, if not eliminate it. Needless to say, the “environmentalists” are doing everything possible to prevent that.

      I do wonder where Big Green gets the money to pay for all of their activities.

    5. Elfsta Says:

      “In practice, this would leave the EU the most vulnerable region for energy security.”

      Well they could maybe get us to keep waging war for oil in North Africa and their other former colonies.*

      *The Libyan adventure of 2011, and the 1991 Gulf War were for oil. In the case of 1991 we don’t need to debate it, that was the reason given at the time. It was also the reason Carter committed us to war if necessary [it has been] for oil. The Carter Doctrine is war for oil.

    6. onparkstreet Says:

      Jonathan – That line stood out to me, too.

      Percy Dovetonsils – We are such big mutual trading partners that all of that makes me worry. Gulp!

      Rachel – I know, right? I loved The Road to Lichfield and According to Mark, but sometime around Moon Tiger I stopped liking her novels for some reason. Maybe I need a rethink on her later stuff.

      John Wolfsberger, Jr. – Thanks for that information. Science is so politicized these days it’s tough for an honest person to know what the heck is going on. I’m surprised that other people are surprised by skepticism toward environmental science.

      Elfsta – Yup on The Carter Doctrine. Honestly, I worry about plans to maybe expand NATO. I am such a skeptical person, though. Perhaps too skeptical.

      – Madhu

    7. dearieme Says:

      Middle age? Be lucky with your health. And your spouse.

    8. dearieme Says:

      And your children.

    9. onparkstreet Says:

      @ Dearieme – Oops, missed your comments earlier. Sorry :) Family is everything, isn’t it?

      – Madhu

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