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  • Andrew Breitbart

    Posted by Jonathan on March 1st, 2012 (All posts by )

    RIP. My sympathies to his family and friends. His death is a great loss to the cause of freedom.


    5 Responses to “Andrew Breitbart”

    1. Robert Schwartz Says:

      May his memory be a blessing.

      Don’t mourn. Organize.

    2. Bill Brandt Says:

      This morning, when I got up at 5 – made breakfast and got on the computer- I first went to one of Andrew’s suites, Big Hollywood – and learned of this.

      To die at age 43.

      I have become aware of the transitory nature of life – how none of us really know from one minute to the next if we will be here.

      Of Andrew what I most remember about his was his fearlessness at confronting his political opposites.

      He even when on Bill Maher’s show (why; I have no idea) but despite a hostile audience and host he was polite, civil, and forceful in conveying his ideas.

      I will certainly miss him.

    3. Sgt. Mom Says:

      I found the news this morning, too, as soon as it was posted – 7AM-ish, central time, surfing between one Big and the next. I was certain that it was a hoax, that someone had hijacked the Big sites, or email, or his Twitter account. It would turn out to be a hoax, like the resignation of the Stratfor, and I decided that I wouldn’t believe it, until there was more … a statement from a family representative or something.
      Guess not.
      I saw the Rolling Stone post by Matt Taibbi that Insty linked to. I used to like RS, read it regularly,although I had lost interest since I was no longer having to keep track of the pop music scene professionally. I have to say now that now I will probably never buy a copy again, or link to any RS stories, as long as Matt Taibbi works/blogs for them. I thought I might post a link to the relevant story – but then I looked at it again, and decided not to. Go to Instapundit and scroll down.
      I never want to hear another lecture about civility from the left-leaning portion of the blogosphere again. Ever. Not after today.

    4. Percy Dovetonsils Says:

      I think the days of civility in a war ended around the first machine gun fired in WWI.

      And, as has been noted by others here, we are in a civil cold war. Expect no quarter from the other side.

      (Breitbart, you Merry Prankster son of a gun, RIP.)

    5. Bill Brandt Says:

      Today there is a great 14 minute video of Andrew speaking to the 2011 Republican Jewish Coalition in Beverly Hills – Robert Averech has a wonderful post on meeting him.

      Andrew talks of his conversion from liberalism and the focus of the MSM against Israel.

      His take home quote – on the Journalism school’s teaching moral relativism and being “objective” –

      You cannot be “objective” on matters of right and wrong

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