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  • One bead for a rosary

    Posted by Charles Cameron on June 21st, 2012 (All posts by )

    [ cross-posted from Zenpundit — one bead from NASA for the glass bead game as rosary ]

    photo credit: Norman Kuring, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

    Consider her sacred, treat her with care.


    6 Responses to “One bead for a rosary”

    1. elf Says:

      Goodness! Beautiful. I had trouble placing which pole was top until I saw England and Ireland.

      Wow. Most of the world is quite arid. I suppose I knew that, but a picture..

    2. Charles Cameron Says:

      It is beautiful, isn’t it — or she is, isn’t she?

      Of course, a lot of the aridity we see here is North African and Arabian, etc, and there’s cloud cover over some of the more verdant areas… The UK was apparently having a sunny day!

    3. Jason in LA Says:

      That damned Strait Of Hormuz is skinnier than 6 O’clock….Adds about $15 to a barrel of oil, maybe.

    4. PenGun Says:

      “Consider her sacred, treat her with care.”

      I do and have done so since I was quite young. One thing I have noticed is that the places where humans very seldom go are the most wonderful of all. I live where it’s wild. My fifth wheel sits in the bush and I am pleased to be far from most of humanity. Deer and Bear are far more numerous than humans here.

      Humans are by far the most degrading force on the planet. Not my favorite species.

    5. Ginny Says:

      This is lovely. Thanks for posting. And I value man’s ability to appreciate that beauty.

    6. Lexington Green Says:

      I had a post about Barone’s Hard America, Soft America here.

      Children these days spend their lives treading water in an ocean of lies. PC is a lie, and it permeates everything. Feminism is a lie, and it permeates everything. The myth that racism underlies all decisions by anyone not-PC is a lie, and it is everywhere. And the propaganda that every child is a special snowflake and that everyone is wonderful in their own way is sickening and destructive lie. The world has actual standards and they are enforced firmly. Failure is real and success is real, and life is extremely unfair. The main thing is to never lie to a child, and never go along with the lies that saturate our culture in this degraded age. What can’t go on won’t. The PC fantasy world is going to die out. And it will be very painful for many people when it does.


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