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  • Diet Update

    Posted by Jonathan on January 25th, 2013 (All posts by )

    Here’s a proven way to lose weight: The Chicagoboyz anchovy diet.

    Cut out the sweets and sticky buns and load up on as much healthful anchovy protein as you want. Simple and delicious.

    I’ve lost 289 pounds so far.

    Chicagoboyz bring the anchovies


    9 Responses to “Diet Update”

    1. Mike K Says:

      Is that similar to Mark Twain’s comment about stopping smoking? He said it was easy to stop. He had done it hundreds of times.

    2. Sgt. Mom Says:

      “I’ve lost 289 pounds so far.”

      … but they all came back, worse luck!

    3. Jezzy Says:

      I’m sure you just lost the 289 pounds when you stopped lugging that dead body around behind you ;D

    4. Lexington Green Says:

      This is news I can use!

    5. Bill Brandt Says:

      I have a sure fire way of losing weight – I am down to a weight I haven’t been for 30 years. But I warn you, not everyone will want to try this plan.

      But then, no pain, no gain.

      How does this work?

      Jog on a typical near broke municipality’s poorly kept sidewalks.

      Catch your foot on an elevated section – from a tree root.

      Fall ass over tea kettle & smack your face on the sidewalk.

      Knock out a tooth or 2, requiring them to be pulled.

      Then you find yourself just wanting things like soup – beer and wine can still be ingested.

      Don’t even know if the knowledgeable Dr Kennedy has heard of this means of losing weight ;-)

    6. Mike K Says:

      I lost quite a few pounds with my heart attack and CABG in 2011. Gained much of it back, though.

    7. veryretired Says:

      I tried an anchovy once many years ago. Damn near made me puke. I would starve to death sitting in a whole room full of anchovies.

    8. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States Says:

      Not that I am a big fan of anchovies, but what’s the big deal? They’re just really salty herring. I can take em or leave em. I don’t generally order them on pizza, for example, but it’s not like I’d turn down a pizza that had them, either.

    9. Jeff the Bobcat Says:

      Never liked anchovies, but I tried them in Vernazza Italy when the wife & I traveled there a few years ago. Beautiful place, that I recommend to everyone. Anyway, the Guidebook said that the anchovies freshly harvested from the Mediterranean every day are unbelievable and a local specialty, a food you MUST try.

      Guess what! Still tasted like crappy, overly salty fish. At least I tried them.

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