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  • “Oslostan”

    Posted by Jonathan on May 8th, 2013 (All posts by )

    Translated interviews with young ethnic Norwegian men who live in parts of Oslo that are dominated by Muslim immigrants. Not encouraging.

    (Via Heartiste.)


    3 Responses to ““Oslostan””

    1. Grurray Says:

      Not encouraging.

      I wholeheartedly admit that when I see a group of muslim looking people standing around that I start to get the creeps.

      Muslims don’t fight you on a one-to-one basis. If you meet them alone they are cowards. If I run into Omar alone, he will just walk past me. If I am alone and meet him in a crowd, the best outcome I can hope for is a beating.

      That is, until I remember that it’s the same feeling people got about blacks in the 50’s, Italians in the 20’s, Irish & Germans in the 1850’s. Am I wrong for thinking that Norwegian children are suffering less from immigrants and more because they are unable to cope due to modernism?

    2. Sgt. Mom Says:

      It was so sad to read this – that these two guys (and probably a lot of other working-class kids) have been set up and betrayed by the Vile Proggs of their native national institutions. I reckon they were fed a diet of denigration to their own culture and obligatory indulgence to the ‘other’, in schools and through the local media and intellectual institutions – and then the Vile Proggs who insisted on the diet decamped to their own upper-class and sheltered neighborhoods, and left the working-class to shift for themselves.
      When a culture is persistantly and energentically denigrated, demeaned and insulted, and the present-day representatives of it are told, over and over again, that they are horrible, worthless, racist pieces of trash… well, that will have an effect, won’t it?
      If a child’s self-confidence were consistantly and relentlessly trashed by a parent, then someone would be concerned about it, even if they did as little as CPS usually does in these cases. But when the media/political/intellectual classes do this routinely to whole generations … what is our recourse, then? (Rhetorical question, obviously.)

    3. Bill Brandt Says:

      Sgt – soon as I get my kindle to the library (with wireless) I will order that book! Why amazon won’t let you download stuff on the Kindle via USB is beyond me.

      You being on the inside of AF Radio saw Good Morning Vietnam differently from me – what resonated with me was that jackass Army LT and Sgt – there were people like that in the Army – but there were also good leaders – like the Nobel Willingham’s character.

      But I can see where Robin Williams Character would have been up for an Article 15 – and probably a dishonorable (or if lucky) general – discharge.

      Just like Bill Murray’s charact4er in Stripes

      Even George S Patton had to “play the game” to a degree.

      I am going to recharge that Kindle sitting on my bed’s headstand and head to the “liberry” tomorrow…

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