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    Posted by Jonathan on March 1st, 2014 (All posts by )

    Will Israel Be the Next Energy Superpower? – A balanced, thoughtful look at recent developments from Arthur Herman. There is cause for optimism.

    Wildlife photographer pleads guilty to violating Endangered Species Act – The gist of the story is that some guy was photographing “endangered” birds from less than 500 feet away, which apparently is a violation of the Endangered Species Act, and was turned in to the feds by zealous environmentalists who saw him do this. Of course he copped a plea. If he had taken his chances in court he could have ended up in jail for years. As it is he may still do time and will end up with a felony conviction and probably a big fine to make an example of him. The birds he supposedly harassed aren’t even rare, merely locally rare in Florida, and he didn’t harm any of them. At most he should have been fined a few hundred bucks and warned to stay farther away from the wildlife. But nowadays everything is a federal crime with draconian penalties, and you can’t fart in a wetland without violating some rule. And the enforcement agencies have to justify their budgets. He should have left the birds alone, but his punishment is cruelly excessive. Some of the comments in response to the article are remarkably heartless. Not just the EPA but also the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Park Service deserve substantial defunding.

    Possibly my best blog post ever.


    10 Responses to “Random Links”

    1. Lexington Green Says:

      Confirmed. It is your best blog post EVER.

    2. Lexington Green Says:

      I read the piece about Israel as an energy superpower. Good. This will finance the perpetually enduring, never wavering iron wall of Jewish bayonets for many decades to come.

    3. Jason in LA Says:

      I don’t know if they still market it, but back in college I lived off of Marie Callender’s fettuccini chicken alfredo. I used to crush two or three of those for dinner each week. The key of course was to poke just enough holes in those frozen pouches to let out just enough steam so as to not compromise the cooking process. If too much moisture remained, the flavor profile was stunted. The frozen chunk of garlic bread was the proverbial cherry on top. If I was able to accompany that meal with a couple of MGD’s I considered myself King of the Mountain!

    4. Anonymous Says:

      Possibly my best blog post ever.
      For those who buy prepared meals from supermarket shelves, perhaps. For those who do not buy prepared meals from supermarket shelves, “not at all.”

      A cousin of mine worked for Marie Callendar’s when it was much smaller He managed a Marie Callendar’s restaurant three decades ago.

      As an ecofreak before ecology hit the national news in 1970, I am applled at the steps that some government environmental regulations and agencies haves taken.

    5. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Totally impressed by the shale oil and natural gas discoveries in Israel. Outstanding news, as are similar discoveries here in the US.

      About ten years ago I read about a process that Monsanto had patented, where they processed organics containing wastes into oil through slow cooking, similar to the kerogen heating mentioned in the article. They built a pilot plant as well. I guess it wasn’t cost effective, since I never heard another word.

    6. MikeK Says:

      “To do so, they would use a series of heater wells, each six inches in diameter, driven down into the kerogen. The wells would act like a pot still for whisky, literally cooking the shale at around 300 degrees Celsius until its various components are distilled and collected. ”

      This is the technology of recovering the gasoline and oil from plumes of contaminated soil beneath old storage tanks at airports, military bases and gas stations with corroded tanks. It’s well established. The alternative is digging up the soil and heating it on the surface. It’s 30 year plus old technology.

    7. Lexington Green Says:

      … though this may actually be your best. It is so raw and vital.

    8. Joe Wooten Says:

      Michael, the Monsanto process, like all the other alternate energy ideas that have gotten brief airplay over the eyars and then disappeared was not cost effective. It took much more energy to cook the wastes, mostly turkey and chicken crap, than you got out of it.

    9. Dan from Madison Says:

      Jonathan’s fashion footwear series are vital as well.

    10. Jonathan Says:

      Ha, yeah.

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