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    Chicagoboyz Observe Earth Day

    Posted by Jonathan on 22nd April 2014 (All posts by )

    Who says nothing is sacred?

    save the bags

    This blog post made from 100% recycled post-consumer bullshit.

    Posted in Environment, Leftism, Photos, Religion | 12 Comments »

    Cigars All Around!

    Posted by Dan from Madison on 22nd April 2014 (All posts by )

    Lookie here – an Easter present for the farm. Introducing Dexter. We think.

    We were lucky enough to receive this bundle of joy on Easter Sunday. It comes right up to humans and other cattle alike. Pretty friendly. We think it is a boy, which is awesome. A dun bull calf is highly prized in the world of Scottish Highland cattle, and there are already breeders and others sniffing around the farm to take a look at him. If it is a boy, this will be the first one we outright sell for breeding purposes, and his name will have our farm’s prefix in it, and so will his descendants, which is pretty cool. It also saves us the hassle of us castrating him. Which isn’t that big of a deal, but still. We won’t have our normal beef haul from this guy, but the money we will get for him will more than offset that little inconvenience.

    Cross posted at LITGM.

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    Glassware Synergy

    Posted by Carl from Chicago on 21st April 2014 (All posts by )

    Dan and I often go back and forth with awesome (or awesomely awful, such as a great beer in a Coors Light cup) glassware synergy. Recently I was in Brooklyn, New York and found two great examples.

    This glass is from a “Kolsch” beer. The guy next to me at the bar started telling a story that in Germany, Kolsch is barely even considered beer, and you have to put your coaster atop your glass else they will just keep filling it indefinitely. Funny I was able to “authenticate” that story on the ol’ intertubes here. I really like that Kolsch beer and would be glad to find somewhere around Chicago that has it on tap; I also really dig getting Kronenbourg 1664 on tap, as well (a French beer).

    The second is from Ommegang Abbey Ale. I took the photo from my mobile so it isn’t perfect on the logo but you can definitely make out the dancing monks.

    Cross posted at LITGM

    Posted in Diversions, Photos | 2 Comments »

    Bohemian Hall in Queens

    Posted by Carl from Chicago on 19th April 2014 (All posts by )

    Over the years I’ve traveled to New York City many times but never the borough of Queens. In your head you have a mental picture of the NYC map as if Queens has a “hard” border but really it is just attached to Long Island which goes out to the East.

    We met a friend in Queens and went to Bohemian Hall which is one of the best beer gardens in New York City. It is over 100 years old and was built by immigrants from Eastern Europe. We went straight outside since it was a beautiful day in 70 degree weather (one of the first nice days of the year in mid April) so I didn’t see the interior of the building.

    It opened at noon and soon was full of young and trendy new York types – not the downtown all-in-black types, but the borough crowd that was forced out by incredibly high costs and also those with young children. We saw a lot of strollers and kids running around, it sort of reminded me of Wicker Park over the last few years.
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    Posted by Jonathan on 12th April 2014 (All posts by )

    Sunrise behind a grove of slash pines at Long Pine Key in Everglades National Park, Florida. WATERMARKS WILL NOT APPEAR ON PRINTS OR LICENSED IMAGES. (© 2013 Jonathan Gewirtz /

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    Posted by Jonathan on 4th April 2014 (All posts by )

    Kayakers enjoy the warm, shallow waters of Florida Bay in the southernmost part of Everglades National Park. WATERMARKS WILL NOT APPEAR ON PRINTS OR LICENSED IMAGES. (Jonathan Gewirtz

    Order Prints

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    Miami Critical Mass

    Posted by Jonathan on 29th March 2014 (All posts by )

    critical mass

    We stand with all right-thinking citizens in condemning the irresponsible hooligans who put on those Critical Mass bike rides that disrupt traffic for productive people. Regrettably, as it’s been a few months since we went on our last CM ride, and they just changed the clocks, we felt compelled to go again, for research purposes.

    More pics below.

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    On the Beach

    Posted by Jonathan on 24th March 2014 (All posts by )

    Campers sit around a fire under a magnificent starry night sky on the beach at East Cape Sable, on Florida Bay at the southern end of Everglades National Park. (Jonathan Gewirtz

    East Cape Sable, Florida Everglades

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    La Vie en Rose-Colored Postcards

    Posted by Sgt. Mom on 21st March 2014 (All posts by )

    The SS Majestic – when getting there was luxurious

    My Grandpa Jim, who was short, energetic, and as a young man, fabulously charming, emigrated from Five-Mile-Town, County Armagh in 1910. Sometime over the next few years, he fetched up in Southern California. Having been trained as something of a specialist – a professional estate gardener, he took employment with an old-moneyed California family and spent the following five decades as their old family retainer, keeping the grounds of their estate up to par.
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    Posted in History, Personal Narrative, Photos | 11 Comments »

    Chicago Bean

    Posted by Jonathan on 18th March 2014 (All posts by )

    Chicago Skyline Reflected in Bean

    Posted in Photos | 1 Comment »

    Posted by Jonathan on 17th March 2014 (All posts by )

    air plants

    Cyclists carrying bromeliads.

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    History Friday – 1836 Timeline – Goliad

    Posted by Sgt. Mom on 14th March 2014 (All posts by )

    (For today, another series of photos taken at a reenactment event; the Coleto Creek Fight and the mass execution of the Texians at Goliad; background here. This takes place every year at the La Bahia presidio, just outside the town of Goliad. (The chapel is original, the walls of the citadel a careful reconstruction. Of all the locations associated with the Texas war of independence, this is the only one which looks pretty much as it did in 1836. I’d posted some of these before at Chicagoboyz, but not all.)
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    Posted in History, Photos | 7 Comments »

    2014 Calle Ocho Street Festival

    Posted by Jonathan on 10th March 2014 (All posts by )

    The festival is an annual Miami event that I attended this past Sunday. The city closes down a section of SW 8th St, also known as Calle Ocho, in the Little Havana neighborhood. The weather was perfect and it was a lot of fun to walk around and photograph people.

    2014 Calle Ocho Carnival Miami

    Click the link below to see 24 more images. These are best viewed on a desktop or large tablet.

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    Posted in Diversions, Photos | 8 Comments »


    Posted by Jonathan on 9th March 2014 (All posts by )

    Went to a big street fair today. Great weather, big crowd. Here’s a picture of the Obamacare signup booth.

    Obamacare is popular!

    Posted in Health Care, Photos | 6 Comments »

    History Friday: Do Not Cross the 1836 Time Line

    Posted by Sgt. Mom on 7th March 2014 (All posts by )

    (During the months of February, March and April, reenactor groups are busy in Texas, at the sites of key events in the War for Independence, doing encampments and recreations of events: The siege of the Alamo, the Coleto Creek fight/Goliad Massacre, and the Battle of San Jacinto. Below the jump are pictures that I took a couple of years ago at the first event Next week – the Goliad reenactment)
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    Posted in Diversions, History, Photos, Uncategorized | 2 Comments »

    Chicagoboyz Go Yachting

    Posted by Jonathan on 3rd March 2014 (All posts by )

    Under the sea:
    under the sea
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    Fish of a Different Color

    Posted by Jonathan on 17th February 2014 (All posts by )

    Closeup view of a crayfish, probably a Procambarus allen or Blue Crayfish, on a paved path in the Shark Valley section of Everglades National Park, Florida. (Jonathan Gewirtz

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    [Updated:] Adobe Lightroom 5 Photo-Editing Software @ $69

    Posted by Jonathan on 16th February 2014 (All posts by )

    UPDATE: The discount code doesn’t work, so please disregard this post.

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    Posted in Announcements, Photos | 3 Comments »

    Straighten Up!

    Posted by Jonathan on 10th February 2014 (All posts by )

    The convoluted trunk of a slash pine tree in Everglades National Park, Florida. (Jonathan Gewirtz

    Posted in Photos | 1 Comment »


    Posted by Jonathan on 8th February 2014 (All posts by )

    Everglades Sunset

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    Jerusalem at Night

    Posted by Jonathan on 31st January 2014 (All posts by )

    Jerusalem Old City at Night

    Posted in Photos | 4 Comments »

    Fisheating Creek

    Posted by Jonathan on 26th January 2014 (All posts by )

    Fisheating Creek

    Posted in Photos | 3 Comments »


    Posted by Dan from Madison on 20th January 2014 (All posts by )

    Posted in Jameson, Photos | 6 Comments »


    Posted by Jonathan on 13th January 2014 (All posts by )

    Black & white reflections of the cypress forest on the lake at Ingram Crossing on Fisheating Creek in Florida's Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area. (Jonathan Gewirtz

    Posted in Photos | 7 Comments »


    Posted by Jonathan on 10th January 2014 (All posts by )

    Bright green plants form a colorful abstract background beneath the surface of a stream that crosses the Anhinga Trail in Everglades National Park, Florida. (© 2012 Jonathan Gewirtz /

    Posted in Photos | 2 Comments »