A Chicago Boyz exclusive – don’t look for these in a regular dictionary any time soon.

condestruction (n.) a. the act of assembling related things or ideas into a coherent whole; b. the process of interpreting a text without reference to the reader’s ideology. antonym: deconstruction. synonym: dedemolition.

fauxlex (n.) a watch sold by a sidewalk vendor.

fer (v.t.) to fail to grasp an implication or hint.

irrationalize (v.i.) a. to offer a nonsensical excuse; b. to justify by means of babble and non-sequiturs. cf. hummina hummina.

lumpentelligentsia (n. col.) an educated and intellectual elite, chiefly employed in the food service industry.

kabbala-la-la (n.) an esoteric theosophy of rabbinical origin as practiced in Los Angeles.

misleadership (n.) the process of directing the efforts of others by means of duplicity and treachery; the art of selling someone down the river under the pretext of a boat ride.

nere (adj.) neither here nor there.

penultimatum (n.) a. a semi-final demand backed by an insincere threat of force; specifically: b. the most severe type of resolution issued by United Nations.

thinwa (n.) an order or command to lose weight, usually issued by a physician or spouse.

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  1. Mitch, you now need to write a short novel employing these words, plus others, of your own invention. If you cannot find a paying publisher, feel free to post it as a 50 part series on here.

  2. I thought condestruction was waht they care calling the reorganization at the Department of State.

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