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  • Lexington Green, April 19, 1775

    Posted by Lexington Green on April 19th, 2012 (All posts by )

    KIA in America’s first battle:

    John Brown
    Samuel Hadley
    Caleb Harrington
    Jonathon Harrington
    Robert Munroe
    Isaac Muzzey
    Asahel Porter
    Jonas Parker

    God bless America.


    5 Responses to “Lexington Green, April 19, 1775”

    1. Will Says:

      Happy Patriots Day!

    2. Robert Schwartz Says:


    3. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Yep – line in the sand – or across the Green.

    4. Bill Brandt Says:

      To me, the American Revolution’s outcome was all the more amazing given the power of the superpower at the time. In one of my history magazines – produced by the BBC – they make the contention that is was the British Army, not the Navy, that built their empire.

      And in recounting all the major wars the Army had over the years – around the world – they lost only one.

      The American colonies.

      If you are curious in the magazines Sgt I’ll get the names for you – even send the last 2 to you if you’d like.

    5. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

      Recommended: David Hackett Fischer’s Paul Revere’s Ride

      Video commentary by DHF here.