Too Many Clicks, Too Much Typing

Compare and contrast:

Renew two software licenses

-Login at software company website. Both licenses are listed. A “renew license” link appears next to each license. There is no way to select both licenses for simultaneous renewal.

-Type name, address, etc. on online order form.

-Click link to “preferred” credit-card processor.

-Type name, address, credit card info on online form.

-Click “pay” link. Get rejected by credit card company.

-Repeat entire process starting at software company home page. Get rejected again by credit card company.

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Forthcoming Books by Bloggers

A couple of interesting-looking books by bloggers are coming out in the near future:

From Roger Simon comes Blacklisting Myself, which is about his experiences living and working in Hollywood while challenging the prevailing orthodoxy.

From Sgt Mom, who writes books as Celia Hayes, comes a historical novel…well, actually, three historical novels, The Adelsverein Trilogy. It’s about a largely-unknown episode in Texas history:

The Adelsverein story begins early in the 1840s, when a group of high-born and socially conscious German noblemen conceived the notion of establishing a colony of German farmers and craftsmen in Texas. Under-funded, over-extended, scammed by scallywags and beset with bad advice, the association still dispatched more than thirty-six chartered ships carrying over 7,000 immigrants to the ports of Galveston and Indianola, in the short space of five years. The gently-rolling limestone and oak-forested hill country of south-central Texas was transformed utterly into a district of neat and prosperous farms and well-laid out towns. These settlers valued culture, and comfort, order and hard work. Schools, churches, singing-societies and businesses were established almost at once. The German hill country was a world almost apart, becoming even more so with the Civil War, when its residents held out against secession and for the Union.

(Adelsverein means the “company of noble men”)

Both books sound pretty interesting. Follow the links for more information.

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Flyover Humor

Iowahawk has a Midwestern perspective on Joe; he now speaks as that other beleagured Midwesterner, Hyde Park’s leading resident, in I am Bill.  Thanks, Iowahawk.

We’re going to need all the Zucker and Iowahawk they can create during the next few years.    Even great genius of this kind is uneven (Zucker’s new movie is).  But at the top of their game, they make my day – or week.  National treasures, they restore proportionality; the serious-minded transcendentalists thought that was a great poet’s task, but my vote is for comedy.

Another Place Heard From

Mrs. Davis thoughtfully comments on James’s post : 

In case you missed it, the housing market started to crash about a year ago. But unemployment never rose. Why? They all went back to Mexico. They may have a hard time getting a job there, but they’ve saved a lot of dollars and they’re still the richest guys in the village. They’ll hang out till we need them again and then they’ll be back. Even in those midwestern meat and poultry packing plants.

James, Ohio must be really different from other parts of flyover country. I don’t think anyone would mistake Lexington, Nebraska for Marin County.  But guys stand around there as they do all over Texas – waiting for a job on week-ends.  Put in a meat packing plant and suddenly the Somalis and Mexicans join the cowboys at Wal-Mart.    

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In the Gold Bunker

One of the ways I cope with tough situations is to joke.  My whole family is that way.  Even in the most stressful situations we use dark humor to help us get by.  This may be an American thing, or a Midwest thing – I don’t know.  I do know that this video is pretty funny, even though I just opened up my account statement and my total net worth on paper is down about a third for the year.  Oh well, at least I have time on my side – I feel for those who need their money sooner.