Mine Map — Report of Surrender and Occupation of Japan

WW2 Sea Mine Deployment in the Pacific Theater.

Left to Right, Over Indian Ocean, B-24, 10th Air Force,, B-29, XX Bomber Command; B-24 over China, 14th Air Force; Submarine (SS) lower MacAthur’s 7th Fleet; Austrlian PBY’s off Philippines and Austrlia; Off Subs off Formoda 7 Japan, Pearl Harbor; PB4Y Off Korea, 7th Fleet; B-29 off Japan, 20th Air Force, B-24 off Bonins, 7th Air Force; TBM Off Palau, 5th Fleet Carriers; PB4Y Off Truck; Nimitz; TBM & DM in Solomons, Halsey; Multiple islands PBY; Nimitz.

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