Sorry to revert to the war topic, but. . .

Sorry to revert to the war topic, but I attended a presentation at a local religious institution last night where the topic was “Principles of a Just War”. I actually stayed until it was over, but only through the exercise of extreme self control. I mentally tied myself into my chair, and nearly broke the ropes when the host related the following story: While travelling in Baghdad as part of a religious entourage, he toured an elementary school, where a young girl tugged on his sleeve and asked “Father, why does the United States President want to kill Iraqi children?” I have been given a fresh perspective on the situation now. I now know that all of the ills of Iraq are a direct result and full fault of the United States. The Iraqi regime is actually a benevolent, caring one, despite being beseiged by 12 years of filthy sanctions. I am happy that someone was finally able to straighten me out.


Hello all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andy Bizub, I am coming to you live from Chicago, where I met Jonathan several years ago. He had gone temporarily insane, and moved to Chicago rather than stay in cold dreary Florida. Since so many are exhausted with the war talk, let me throw out an interesting little local story. As you may or may not know, Chicago has, or rather, HAD a small lakefront landing strip named Meigs Field, mostly used by small commuter craft. Our Honorable mayor daley has wanted to shut this facility for years, and battled with various groups to do so, with no success. Well, seems as though he just got tired of working within the system, so last night, under cover of darkness, he sent in city crews to literally chop up the concrete runway, thereby destroying the facility, with airplanes still parked on the tarmac. (These planes are now stranded there, I don’t think this occurred to them.) For those of you not intimately familar with my fair city, this is how we do things up here, so WATCH IT!