No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones in 1977

Punk’s not dead. Or maybe it is. Anyway, for those of you who were or still are devotees of first-wave British punk rock, this is a really great site. I’ve only looked at maybe 15% of it, and it is loaded with good facts and pictures. The “punk store” has some absolutely jaw-dropping material, live shows by the Jam, live Buzzcocks, rarities by Patti Smith. It looks I’ll be spitting out a hefty British Pound denominated international money order pretty soon. And one neat thing — the front page has a picture of Jeff Connally, better known as Monoman, of DMZ and the Lyres. An odd selection for a mostly Brit-punk site, but what the Hell, its a cool photo.

Another cool site is this collection of “New Wave Photos by Philippe Carly”. Philippe shot photos of a phenomenal number of bands, in the 1977-78 period, basically all the punk acts of that era who came through Belgium — the big names like the Clash, Jam, Ramones, Devo (in the yellow jumpsuits) as well as half-forgotten names from the dim past like SpizzEnergi, the Au Pairs, the Mo-Dettes (I had all their singles — where are they now?). A labor of love. Check it out.