Magic 8 Ball

While we are rebuilding our shattered e-world, we Chicago Boyz manifest our stolid determination to overcome all disasters by singing jolly tunes as we e-dig out of the e-rubble and begin e-rebuilding this site. Let me share with our dear readers a particularly apropos tune to help restore a tired but sincere smile to their lips, evidencing interior serenity and joy, in these troubled times.

This page has a link over on the right to the song Magic 8 Ball by cub. You should listen to it. More than once. It is good. It is catchy. It is sweet but not cloying. It has a killer chorus. It is a neglected classic. You should then not resist the urge to sing it tomorrow morning while bathing or driving in your car. You should not be alarmed when it lodges in your brain and won’t get out. You should ask yourself, is that a great song, or what?

Decidedly so.

5 thoughts on “Magic 8 Ball”

  1. Whoa.

    The Magic 8 Bra really is psychic. I lied to it about what my secret wish was, and it read me the riot act. It KNEW. Freaky.

  2. Restrictive settings? Who knew. I shall put this on the tweak list. Thanks.

    [5 minutes later]

    Hmm. MT wouldn’t let me post without an email and URL. I shall instruct it to loosen up.

  3. Damn, the 8-Bra hates me. Story of my life that is…

    Lex, interesting stuff this Cub. GO-GO-esque with an organ. Poppy, yet meaty enough to be interesting. Yes. I think I like it…

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