Phil Troyer and the Class of 2010 Compact with America

My friend and law school classmate Phil Troyer is running for congress.

He is promising to fight for the principles embodied in a very solid-sounding Compact with America.

Phil apparently came up with this without even consulting our recent post on a Contract with America.

I won’t say great minds, necessarily … .

But a lot of us seem to be thinking alike.

Disclaimer for Eric Holder: No one paid me for this post, I get no benefit out of it, I have no affiliation with Phil’s campaign, he did not ask me to put it up and I have not told him yet, and I am exercising my core political speech under the First Amendment with this post. I hope that is still legal.

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  1. I think I saw a post at Mudville Gazette stating “Blackfive” ( milblogger I am familiar with but don’t read regularly) is running for office in the Chi-town area (?) maybe….)

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