Which One Voted For Obama?

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I really shouldn’t be seeing grand political metaphors in a Failbooking post, but I just can’t help seeing Obama’s emotive, metaphorical, fantasy-driven worldview in the first post and the real-world-grounded, non-leftist worldview in the second.

All the more since it turned out that chanting “Yes, we can,” wasn’t an actual plan for governance.

5 thoughts on “Which One Voted For Obama?”

  1. Misuse of metaphors is common. A metaphor is an implied assertion that the logic of one situation applies to another situation. Sometimes the logic applies but there is no reason why it must. A metaphor is therefore not an adequate substitute for logical argument for/against a proposition.

    People trying to persuade may use metaphors to avoid logical argument. The truth of this point becomes obvious when someone with poor verbal skills attempts to use a metaphor to make his case, as in Shannon’s example. That’s funny, but metaphor can be dangerous when used by people with good rhetorical skills.

    It’s easier to spot faulty logic in writen as opposed to spoken arguments. It’s particularly difficult to spot faulty logic in spoken arguments that appear in video form together with interesting pictures.

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