Hubbard Street Dance Facility

I do not know much about modern dance but went to a show at Hubbard Street Dance on the north end of Millennium Park (right behind the cool music shell) and their facility has interesting colors and neon lights. I only had my crappy blog camera with me and took some photos. It reminds me of an updated version of the United Airlines connecting tunnel between terminals B and C at O’Hare.

11 thoughts on “Hubbard Street Dance Facility”

  1. I do not know much about modern dance I know nothing of modern dance, but based on your pictures I do have one question.

    To Dance, modern or archaic, don’t you need floors?

  2. ugh, and just when I was prepared to shower compliments on you!
    [I bet the nudity part was strategic and tightly timed by choreographer…]

  3. I didn’t know the nudity was coming, and I went anyways, so I should get credit :). Actually the nudity was quite lengthy. Hubbard St Dance is one of the most prestigious dance troupes in the country, I guess. The one is called 27′ 52″ by Jirí Kylián and I guess he is a famous choreographer.

  4. Well, not all nudity is created equal. There was a 3-actor play, I recall, which I saw some time in 2006 or ’07, about a student competition set in architecture school, where the contenders are put into dog-bites-dog contest; they don’t skip any trick to get the advantage over their peers. It goes way beyond purely architectural criteria (which, as it’s clear from the play, are all subjective and could be manipulated to its opposites, anyway) – and in the last act culminates in one of the students, a diminutive Asian girl (with huge ambition and no ethic stops on the road to success), strips naked in front of one of the judges.
    The audience averted their eyes.
    She was so…unattractive. In all senses.

    Gosh, what was the title of the play? Can’t remember now.

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