Independence Day

A very happy Independence Day week-end from this side of the Pond. I still prefer to think of it as a great event in the history of the Anglosphere but I do get ticked off by various people. Have a great time guys and remember: the dark days do not last for ever. (Well, so we have been telling ourselves for some time.)

5 thoughts on “Independence Day”

  1. Just think of July 4th as the birthday of three countries — the US, the UK, and Canada; had the 13 colonies remained part of the Empire we would eventually had gotten representation and outvoted you, and would be running the whole show. And Canada would just have been far upstate New York.

  2. I will spend July 4 packing for a move to the mountains, partly to get out of the line of fire when California collapses. An old friend and I were talking today about when we were preparing for a societal collapse in the 70s. I knew people who were stocking freeze dried food and bulk cereals with small milling devices to make flour. One of my office staff was a Mormon and there was great interest in the Mormon practice of preparing a year’s worth of food for the family. I believe that is part of the religion but it is a useful source for the survivalist. There seems to be less of that sentiment now but I am preparing.

    If that sounds kind of zany, I will add that the mountain location is also a nice resort with restaurants and elegant food markets. I also require high speed internet so the comforts will be available. I will also be reacquainted with snow although snow in a country setting is much more acceptable than what I remember of Chicago winters.

    Happy Independence Day, which has many meanings.

  3. Thank you, Helen, and thank you to all the kind people at Chicagoboyz for your many interesting posts, and especially for your many courtesies to an old man who tends to ramble on more than just a bit.

    I value this site and the opportunity to post comments here.

    Happy 4th to all independent men and women wherever you are this weekend.

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