Obama + Reid + Pelosi = A Scared, United Right

“I happen to be opposed to gay marriage, but our peril is so great
that goes on the back burner,” Debbie Johnson of Georgia told me on
Saturday. Bruce Majors, a gay real-estate agent from Washington D.C.,
had a different take. He told me earlier this year that he felt
perfectly comfortable working with the Tea Party on bringing the size
of government under control. “We’re both about freedom and we have a
common short-term goal,” he said. Indeed, in Washington this past
weekend the more libertarian and the more socially conservative
elements of the Tea Party seemed to get along just fine.

From this, via Instapundit.

The Cold War was the glue that held the American Right together up to 1989.

Obama and the Democrats have become a domestic Soviet Union, politically.

They and all their evil works and their trillion-dollars-at-a-time cash bonfires are a menace so great that everything else has to be put off to the side.

These fools have scared the herd of cats on the Right into a tactical alliance that may (fingers crossed …) turn into a longer lasting realignment.

That is a perverse achievement.

13 thoughts on “Obama + Reid + Pelosi = A Scared, United Right”

  1. This coalition-building is also accelerated by Obama’s evident attitude of contempt for such a broad swatch of Americans. A secular gay store owner and a religious conservative construction worker are more likely to make common cause on issues when they also understand that Obama holds them both in low esteem.

  2. Anecdotal at best. One gay here or there does not a majority of the voters. Obama scornful of gays and religious conservatives? evidencek, please. If there May be a coalition there mayh also be a destruction of the GOP at the polls, finally, as the Tea Party folks go up against mainstream conservatives. Only time and not Instapundit will tell.

  3. Derf…he is not scornful of the gay guy in my scenario because he is gay, but rather because he is a small retail businessman rather than an Ivy League professor, investment-bank CEO, celebrity of some sort, etc.

    People define their identities in broader and deeper ways than the types of identity categorization beloved by the Left.

  4. “They and all their evil works and their trillion-dollars-at-a-time cash bonfires are a menace so great that everything else has to be put off to the side.”

    Their evil works and trillion dollars at a time cash bonfires?

    Aside from the fact that TARP was passed under Bush (with then-presidential candidate John McCain’s blessing), this is totally factual!

  5. I can see January 2013 from my house, and Obama isn’t visible. oh, and derf/bill are lying on the ground wailing.

  6. Bill, do you happen to remember the majority in Congress and what the vote was ? Why are leftists so hostile to history and the experience of their ancestors? I think it is a self-obsession of the Baby Boomers and some of the younger generation who emulate them. They reject their parents and everything their parents stand for, even as they live as dependents of those hated and scorned parents.

    Here is January 2009, the day Obama was inaugurated.

    here is the House vote in 2008.

    DEMOCRATIC 172 63
    REPUBLICAN 91 108
    TOTALS 263 171

    25 GOP Senators voted NO.

    Germany disagreed with Obama and his advisors, even after he threatened that they could cause a depression, and are now back to pre-crisis employment figures. Ms Merkel has seen communism up close and didn’t like it.

  7. Those on the left (Marxists one and all—whether they know it or not) don’t want to be bothered by facts. As John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things.”—Bush should receive scorn for TARP I; but Obama doubled down and is attempting to extend the reach of the national government into every aspect of our lives. Taking over Congress will slow him down, but not defeat his czars, so-called. Undoing the mischief of Obama/Reid/Pelosi will take some time and deliberate effort.

  8. “Bill is still running against Bush.”

    Nope. Just pointing out that, if it is to be considered “evil works and trillion dollars at a time cash bonfires” those works and bonfires were set in place by Bush. I’d prefer him to be relegated, as he will, to the dustbin of history. Could care less about him. But, if you’re going to call someone’s work evil, to quote J. Scott quoting Adams, “Facts are stubborn things.”

    To quote another famous American, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    I can see November from my house, too. The Democrats are in for a unprecedented defeat, due largely to the bad economy. Such was the way for Reagan and GB I. Indeed, the electorate may be right to focus on the future, but that doesn’t change who’s responsible for getting us where we are now.

  9. Bill, a spirited response. Bush was bad, Obama is worse. Facts are stubborn things. Here are some, and a nice chart.

    Bush has a lot to answer for, but he’s gone.

    Obama is in there now and we have enough of a track record to judge him on it.

    I stick with my assessment.

  10. I try to be thoughtful in my opinions and have decided that people who are gay are born with it. It’s something in their brain or perhaps it’s genetic. A while back I saw a television show where they showed gay people had a different sized part of their brain that could possibly be the cause of their homosexuality. Sounds logical. Anyway, I am convinced it’s not a choice, although I’m sure that there are shades of gray, knowing people. Now, if it is not simply a choice, and something they cannot control, then it would be humane to accept this part of the person. They should not be punished for something they have no control over. I am not happy with marriage between gays, but they should be able to form a legal partnership and have a civil partnership/ceremony by the justice of the peace. My fear is that gay marriage will have a negative effect on our churches. Churches will be forced to comply with marriage ceremonies by the government. That’s going too far. But, the radical gays will not be happy with just a “civil partnership”. It MUST be marriage. They must CHANGE (because that’s the new buzzword) the definition of marriage to include them. And, when they do, gov’t will enforce it’s power in the churches. So much for separation of church and state.

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