A Pro-British Voice

My friend the former F-18 pilot, whom I’ll call Fighter Pilot Pundit, circulated this Mark Steyn piece, which is good. Even better is FPP’s prefatory email message, in his own inimitable warrior-speak:

It seems the spawn of 18th century British Imperialists who conquered the globe have not all become drag queens and Labour Party pacifists. I have the honor of knowing a few British Special Air Service (SAS) commandoes. They don’t sprout out of nowhere like mushrooms. They are the direct descendants of lionhearted British combatants of old. Don’t let the recent media circus turn you off of the Brits. They are a courageous people who won’t shrink from a fight to the death. Hats off to Tony Blair, a genuine statesman who, faced with the partisan carping of his own party, did the right thing for the preservation of civilization and the advance of democracy in the darkest, most wretched crevasse in humanity.

Fortuna favet fortibus.

Hear, hear.

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  1. Those protestors in Trafalgar Square, London, Great Britain:

    Yesterday, I had a look at a rally in my home town. When I got in amongst
    the crowd at the front, I noticed a few things, viz:

    1) There was a smell of warm unwashed bodies.

    2) They were all ugly but had done their best to hide the fact by growing
    beards, and this included the women.

    3) They were all white middle-class appeasers of terrorism. I’m white and
    middle class, but there are limits.

    4) They toppled a statue of George Bush. These people disgust me. If you
    know what I’m talking about, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t,
    you can rot in hell.

    5) Ugh, they made me sick, and ashamed of my own country. However, when I
    realised there weren’t enough of them to represent my country, I felt

    6) And if you’re wondering, yes I would take my standard-issue rifle, wear
    a uniform, and fight. So there.

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