Can Illinois keep it’s head out of it’s collective backside?

A link to a George Will piece on Jack Ryan. Not the one of Tom Clancy Novels, but a character of large proportions and Homeric deeds who happens to be running for the Illinois Senate. It will be interesting to see if Illinois voters can cut through the money and noise of Democratic Machine Politics, to elect this man. We’ve managed it once recently with Peter Fitzgerald, a Senator who ran on a set of beliefs and actually stuck with them throughout his term, for better or for worse. I did not consistently agree with Fitz, but I credit him with staying true to his words. If Ryan is defeated, I may finally be forced by my own constitution to seek another state of primary residence.

5 thoughts on “Can Illinois keep it’s head out of it’s collective backside?”

  1. This state is ruined.. I’m out of here in 5 years (when my youngest is done with school). The child governor is an idiot, and the democratic machine is strangling us. If California wasn’t so obviously a mess, Illinois would be first.

  2. I agree w/Zena – BUT – the pubbies got too big for their britches and deserved to be turned out.

    Vallas came soooooo close, only 3%. DAMN downstate unions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw that Ryan commercial and some history on him. He’s got my vote. Let’s hope the pubbie party can get its’ act together. The state did, after all, go for Ronnie. But I expect a blue in a sea of red, well, Iowa’s blue, too.

  3. Ah, you mean the political *combine* of RINO’s like George Homer (when Democrat Glen Poshard from Marion was more Conservative) getting elected, as well as Judy Baar Topinka, who might as well be a Democrat, because she’s a liberal. That’s why the sellout Republicans want Oberweis to win the primary, mainly so he can be a sacrifcial lamb for their true pick, Danny Hynes. There are different ways the combine can play this in the unlikely event that Hynes gets beat in the Dem primary.

  4. I voted for Vallas :-)

    I may be national pubbie, but I’m not stupid. That man would have kicked ass and taken names.

  5. And he knew where the bodies were buried!

    He’s a good man, very impressive turnout in the collar counties, but it wasn’t enough.

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