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  • Andy Williams, Music To Watch Girls By (1967)

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on October 10th, 2010 (All posts by )



    3 Responses to “Andy Williams, Music To Watch Girls By (1967)”

    1. Sejo Says:

      Delightful. Thank you very much.

    2. Ginny Says:

      Thanks. And it helps me remember why we were so full of life in ’67 – it seemed free and happy & joyous. I remember how strong women seemed, almost naked, in Vogue. And then . . . well, chaos followed and . . . well, looking back, it moved from fun to strained. The problem is the moment seems right just before you jump the shark.

    3. ess Says:

      Love it, and him, but have to apologize for having swooned over the man the way I did when he must’ve been married or into dancers and girl-watching. I was a naive kid who found him immensely entertaining and engaging, and was so completely taken with him that I got drawn into his show, forgetting he had a real life off-stage which surely involved other females. So much for a schoolgirl’s crush. Sorry, dear TV buddy, and hope you’ve had a good life, even without me, your woman of my dreams :}