3 thoughts on “Andy Williams, Music To Watch Girls By (1967)”

  1. Thanks. And it helps me remember why we were so full of life in ’67 – it seemed free and happy & joyous. I remember how strong women seemed, almost naked, in Vogue. And then . . . well, chaos followed and . . . well, looking back, it moved from fun to strained. The problem is the moment seems right just before you jump the shark.

  2. Love it, and him, but have to apologize for having swooned over the man the way I did when he must’ve been married or into dancers and girl-watching. I was a naive kid who found him immensely entertaining and engaging, and was so completely taken with him that I got drawn into his show, forgetting he had a real life off-stage which surely involved other females. So much for a schoolgirl’s crush. Sorry, dear TV buddy, and hope you’ve had a good life, even without me, your woman of my dreams :}

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