Neat Product: Super Jiggler Siphon

Growing up on the farm, I got more than my fair share of mouthfuls of gasoline, diesel, stock tank water and other liquids-I-don’t-like-to-think-about, all while sucking on a hose trying to start a siphon.

That is why I was pleased when I stumbled on an innovative siphon hose while web surfing for parts for my death ray.

The hose has a little one-way valve mechanism in one end. When you put that in the liquid you wish to siphon and jiggle it up and down, the one-way valve functions like a pump and lifts the liquid up the hose until it hits the tipping point that establishes the siphon and the liquid flows down hill as nature intended.

It’s great! No more sucking, wheezing, gagging and thinking, “Wait, that wasn’t diesel. What the hell did I just swallow?”

So, without further ado: The Super Jiggler Siphon Hose.

12 thoughts on “Neat Product: Super Jiggler Siphon”

  1. Also being a farm kid but being somewhat leery of getting mouthfuls of miscellaneous foul liquids, I somehow always managed to get syphons going by shoving the hose as far into the liquid as possible and then putting my thumb over the end and pulling the hose rapidly to the working position.

  2. Locomotive Breath,

    Who in their right mind siphons by mouth?

    Someone who wants to be funny?

    Seriously, there are many circumstances in which you use the fill and tip method e.g. when the liquid is in a barrel/tank with an opening just large enough for the hose.

  3. I have a little hand pump with hoses on both ends. You can get them at any auto parts store. Tastes great, less filling.

  4. Wow! All that gasoline and diesel fuel explains how Shannon’s mind works, though I imagine it wouldn’t work any better if he’d spent more time jerking a hose.

  5. I took your advice folks. I just received my Super Jiggler Siphon in the mail and have already used it 3 times. It works like a charm. I am going to order another one and use it for my homemade beer and wine. Thanks loads for the info.

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