Elections and a referendum

It would seem that my posting about the restoration of a very fine late-Victorian building in London did not go down as well as I had hoped. Time to go back to politics, I suppose.

We have just had a set of local elections as well as devolved Assembly ones and a country-wide referendum on whether we want to change our electoral system from First Past the Post (FPTP) to Alternative Voting (AV), a system nobody liked particularly but one that was produced and put to the electorate as a compromise between the two Coalition parties who promptly fell out with each other during the campaign.

Suffice it to say that in the various elections (with a slightly higher than usual for local elections turn-out because of the referendum) there was no great enthusiasm shown for either the Conservatives or Labour and the Liberal-Democrats got a severe drubbing.

In the referendum, 69 per cent of those who turned out (around 45 per cent) voted NO and only 31 per cent YES. We can safely predict that the subject of electoral reform is now off the agenda for a while, as is the Liberal-Democrat revival.

On my blog, Your Freedom and Ours, I wrote a longish piece on the whole subject with references to some wider issues.

2 thoughts on “Elections and a referendum”

  1. Oh, it went beautifully. Such a beautiful building.

    It’s kind of a busy time in the corners of the blogsphere that I inhabit and I haven’t been commenting on as many of the posts around here as I would like.

    Thanks for this post!

    – Madhu

  2. Don’t regret your architectural post; the debate was worthwhile (and nice pictures were posted). It is better if people pay attention to the built environment.

    All of Europe,excepting that freak,Switzerland, is in the hands of a feckless and grasping political class.It will take a lot of sunlight and maybe more, to disinfect that.

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