Lessons learned

Let’s recap.

On September 11, 2001, hijackers on four separate commercial airliners got their ugly mitts on the controls for the purpose of staging kamikaze attacks.

The only group of hijackers that failed to complete their kamikaze attacks failed because the good guys, the non-terrorist passengers, fought back.

This sobering lesson prompted our fearless leaders to institute a new airline security policy that consists of depriving the good guys of everything they could possibly use as a weapon.

I feel safer already.

(I’ll be flying later today. I wonder if the security guys would object to me bringing a rock. Probably so…. some terrorist might get hurt with that thing!)

4 thoughts on “Lessons learned”

  1. I just saw a democratic senator on television 2 days ago decrying the “stonewalling” of this administration that didn’t allow us to “get to the cause” of the 9/11 tragedies..


    How has the cause of the attacks somehow become an unknown?

  2. I cant muster the imagination to ‘see’ 4 terrorist even boarding an aircraft where 10% of the passengers ‘might’ be armed.

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