Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66, Pretty World

Also this. And this. And, OK, one more.

(Those were the days. God bless YouTube. Sergio Mendes was a genius. At some point he said to himself: “OK, I am a great musician, and I know what the world wants to hear, what it’s hungry for, which is cool, jazz-tinged, Brazilian-flavored pop. I can already see those hit records and hear the cheering crowds … . But this is the age of TV, and I’m kind of homely.” (Smacks forehead) “I know, I will get two really cute girl singers with really great voices, put them in miniskirts, and put ’em out front.” The rest is history. Thanks, Sergio. Love ya, babe.)

UPDATE: Whoa. Cool. Tom Jones — of course! — ends up dancing with the two babes and sipping champagne with them. Some guys have all the luck.

UPDATE II: Can’t … stop … this one (which has great photos of the young and utterly perfect Lani Hall — the brunette, and the lead singer on most of the songs).

3 thoughts on “Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66, Pretty World”

  1. sergio’s versions of pop songs are the only ones i care for, from jazz oriented performances. so many jazz albums from the 60’s have really uninspired covers of pop/rock songs popular at the time. did anyone really buy one of those albums due to the pop song(s) on them? in sergio’s case, i like his versions better than some of the originals…

  2. Love Sergio and Brazil 66. His reproduction of some of the Beatle’s songs are often better than the original version. Still, two of my favorites are Mais Que Nada and the Look of Love.

  3. Brasil 66 now those were the days .In college and found a sound that was different and the young ladies like also.I still have the albums and with the right amount of wine can relax and move time back . Thanks Sergio

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