Australian results. Jericho rejoices as does Chrenkoff. See O’Sullivan’s warm regard for Australia. Evidently an insufficient number of voters were convinced that the Bali bombing was Howard’s fault. Of course, Bin Laden had always had other motives, including his complaints about Timor. (And then there was the awkward fact that Bali was bombed before the “unilateral” – with Australia – invasion of Iraq.) (Updated.)

8 thoughts on “Australia”

  1. we love you, australia! way to stick by your friends in the US and UK and not give in to those french punks… victory for howard in australia, peaceful elections in afghanistan: everything’s coming up millhouse!

  2. No, heathen, God didn’t vote, but Satan (aka bin Laden) did — through bombings in Bali, beheadings in Iraq, kidnappings in the Philippines — but the Aussies would not be cowed, and, since courage is one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, I too say THANK GOD.

    P.S.: Friendly word of advice, heathen — people couldn’t care less that you are a heathen. They only care when you are snarky about it; so, why don’t you just live and let live, huh?

  3. The aussies stick to it i mean they were mistreated by japan in WW II and we helped them out and unlike the french chickens they dont run away i guess the kangaroo and emu just kick butt with terrorists

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