Anti-Semitism is a Cottage Industry in France

Last week I wrote a post about how a new report from Israel predicts a bleak future. The report said that the European Union might very well levy sanctions against Israel due to the ongoing Palestinian problem. (And, of course, nothing will be done about the Arab terrorist groups infesting Palestinian society.)

Yesterday a report that French Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin had ordered was published. The report concerns the growing tide of anti-Seminism that’s becoming ever more prevalent in France. A short summary would be that France is becoming a racist pit.

I’ve long said that the recent attacks against innocent Jewish people in France were carried out by Islamic immigrants that have arrived looking to sign up for some famous Gallic social programs. Not so, says the report. It would appear that even non-Islamic people are looking to beat up some Jews.

The report outlines a strategy for dealing with this alarming social trend.

“What we must convince the French people of is that anti-Semitism is the common enemy of Jews and the Republic” of France.

Uh huh. Freakin’ brilliant, that.

The news article linked to above goes on to say that a great deal of French hopes are riding on the back of that idiotic law they recently passed banning the display of conspicuous religious symbols or dress. You know, the one that was aimed at getting Islamic schoolgirls to take off their headscarves. Now the government appears to claim that it hasn’t worked since Sikhs won’t take off their turbans. The logic behind this is that it’s okay to pass a law discriminating against religion, just as long as it’s applied to every religion equally.

I can see that they’re not going to have progress for a long, long time. And should sanctions be imposed on Israel, I see France leading the charge.

PS: The Socialists seem to think that this is all just a tempest in a teapot since no Jews have been killed.

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