[Update] Recommended Podcast: Europe From Its Origins

I linked to the Europe from its Origins podcast earlier. It may not be for everyone since it uses a traditional European historical sensibility, big words, and fancy pants furrin’ pronunciation but since the ChicagoBoyz demographic skews older and wiser, it should give everyone something meaty to chew on (I’d put in your teeth first).

There was a problem with the iTunes link. That problem has been largely fixed (episode 10 points at an image but the link should be eventually correct). I’ve updated the links from my original post below the fold:

1. AD 312-390: Constantinian Revolution [download video]

2. AD 350-530: Assimilation of the Germani [download video]

3. AD 500-620: Roman Empire Renewed [download video]

4. AD 500-633: The Graeco-Roman East [download video]

5. AD 630-680: The Islamic Invasions [download video]

6. AD 680-754: Latin Christendom [download video]

7. AD 754-840: Charlemagne [download video]

8. AD 840-990: The Deluge [download video]

9. AD 960-1070: A new civilization [download video]

10. AD 968-1095: The West steps forward [download video]

11. AD 1075-1122: Consensus & Crusade [download video]

12. AD 1100-1200: Cultural Efflorescence [download video]

13. AD 1100s & 1200s: Christian Republic [download video]

14. AD 1147-1204: Christendom Expanding [download video]

15. AD 1204-1238: The Feudal Polity [download video]

16. AD 1238-1291: The Struggle for Order [download video]

17. AD 1200-1350: Cultural Shift [download video]

18. AD 1276-1347: Princely Sovereignty [download video]

19. AD 1347-1396: Division & Disasters [download video]

20. AD 1356-1414: The Great Schism [download video]

4 thoughts on “[Update] Recommended Podcast: Europe From Its Origins”

  1. Thanks for this, I had bookmarked the old post and went back a day or two ago to start listening to them and they were all broken as you know. This saves me some work. I plan on listening to one or two a week over the winter. Which starts soon around these parts.

  2. “…over the winter. Which starts soon around these parts.” It’s started here – I’m having my first glass of sherry.

  3. I listened to the first episode and it was very, very good.

    I noticed he was using some imagery from the HBO series Rome. I think anyone who enjoys history and isn’t too easily offended by a bit sex, nudity, warfare, torture, pagan rituals and what have you, they would really enjoy it, as I did. Beautifully produced, written and acted. And at about $30 for 10 or so hours of entertainment, its hard to beat.


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