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  • Plastic Bertrand, Ca Plane Pour Moi (1977)

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on November 17th, 2011 (All posts by )


    6 Responses to “Plastic Bertrand, Ca Plane Pour Moi (1977)”

    1. Bob Says:

      Here is the same Video with english subtitles.

      Still makes no sense to me though.!

    2. Percy Dovetonsils Says:

      I’m sure you’ve heard Elton Motello’s version, “Jet Boy, Jet Girl.” The Bamboo Kids do a great cover of it.

    3. Lexington Green Says:

      The Damned did JBJG too.

      Amazingly, I first heard this on WMEX in Boston on a little AM radio one night, and I got the first little taste of punk rock energy and felt the thrill that would be a major part of my life. I remember the moment very clearly, sitting on the lawn of the next door neighbor’s house and shushing people so I could hear it — and saying “whoa, what is this?” — or words to that effect. So this song, absurd as it is, has a special place for me.

    4. Lexington Green Says:

      This page deciphers the lyrics, which are all in slang.

    5. Gerry from Valpo Says:

      This is where the term ‘Eurotrash” originated.

    6. Sejo Says: