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First thing’s first.

Murdoc Online is asking for your help. He wants anyone who has a link that states what the United Nations has done to help the tsunami victims to let him know. He’s rather droll when he frames his request, but it’s a sincere one.

Let me say that this is something that I’m very interested in myself. If there is evidence that the UN actually fed someone or worked to save lives in danger from the tsunami crises, then I’ll gladly put the link up here for all to see.

Please note that press conferences where the UN claims credit for work that others have done isn’t good enough. We need a link to a news report, something where the author was standing next to a line of refugees receiving food from UN personnel.

The next item I’d like to bring to your attention is this post at The Diplomad. They respond to some of their critics by pointing out where the majority of money donated to the UN actually goes. It’s certainly an eye opener.

If you do click on that last link, check out the first comment. It’s worth a read.

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  1. Thank you kindly for the heads-up, Lorien, but find that the source is tainted. I’m hoping for something from someone other than the UN itself. I don’t even care if it’s a blatantly biased, pro-UN and anti-US source like the BBC. I just need something written by a non-UN eyewitness to aid distributed by the One Worlders.


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  3. James,

    For all this talk of governmental charity and contributions, I cannot for the life of me, find any links or stories which give the amount of money that has been giving *privately*. For example, Amazon’s direct link to the Red Cross was up almost immediately as noted in various spots – and this one fund hit the multimillion dollar mark almost immediately.

    Thus, it would be of interest to this reader, to learn how much money plain, old, “stingy” people such as myself have given – and why this is not being reported.

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