Faith Under Fire: The Global Threat to Religious Freedom, March 10, 2012

This Chicago area event — Faith Under Fire — looks like it will be excellent.

This Conference is designed to address the plight of persecuted religious minorities in Muslim countries. Join us to learn the real nature of their hardships and what each of us can do to advance religious liberty for suffering indigenous communities.
Leaders of the indigenous communities describe their plight.
Eyewitnesses offer riveting testimony about this harsh reality.
Key members of U.S. Congress discuss action to prevent genocide.
Global experts offer critical analysis of the international threats.
Panelists discuss policy issues and opportunities for action.

We hear about a mythical Arab Spring.

But for many non-Muslims in the region, it is a Winter of persecution and the destruction of ancient communities.

These atrocities should be getting more attention.

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8 thoughts on “Faith Under Fire: The Global Threat to Religious Freedom, March 10, 2012”

  1. Bravo.

    Thousands of orthodox christians from Egypt are fleeing in Italy, especially in the southeast, where I was born. It is a tragedy, not only for the individuals but for the whole Mediterranean area. A forced migration like this one is comparable only to the normalization – read: eradication, annihilation – of the Jewish, Greek and Italian communities in all the African and Asian side of Mare Nostrum occurred after WWII.
    Soon there will be no memory of that shared sea – and centuries long life – if not in some dust covered history book.

  2. Other than reading about this on the blogs one would think that it wasn’t happening.

    Even in Iraq.

    And it’s nothing new.

    I remember being in Cairo – 1983 – and visiting a Coptic Church – one of the oldest Christian sects. They showed me a gate that was foot thick – used at night in the 7th century to keep Muslim mobs out.

  3. A worthy cause. It’s good to see it getting increased attention from western Christians.

    Jews and, of course, middle eastern Christians, have long been alert to this issue as persecution by Muslims drove Christians from Lebanon, the West Bank and other areas. It was a mystery why more western Christians didn’t see their coreligionists in the Middle East as kinsmen deserving of support. But slowly media framing and public perceptions of the issue are changing.

  4. A year ago our president called the Egyptian protestors “inspiring” and our government apparently supported the rebels. My understanding is that Mubarak was (as dictators who are able to remain in power for some time go) fairly moderate in his views. It seems more than likely that the U.S. aided and abetted parties in Egypt that, in the long run, will not be moderate, if the military allows itself to be controlled by it. What a madhouse; it’s like going into Germany in 1929 or 30 and giving succor to the Nazis.

  5. Now comes Syria. Let’s take away the country from another dictator and hand it over to the Klingons for (what will undoubtedly be a short-lived temporary expedient for said Klingons) in the name of (what?) democracy.

    Somebody tell me it makes sense.

  6. Progressives ask “Why should there be freedom of religion? God is dead. Never existed. All Religions are just superstitious rubish in the dustbin of history. Its time for a Change, time to transform the world!

    Progressives point out that the only people who have a right to live are those who survive. Evolution’s first law.

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