I Suppose They Didn’t Get the Word That the Warsaw Pact Countries Aren’t Communist Anymore

I wasn’t any too thrilled with World Police. A savage lampoon of Hollywood politics, sure, but I already knew that those guys out in Tinsletown were hopelessly Left. I did think that the technical art shown by making a movie using marionettes was impressive, but it wasn’t enough to carry the entire film.

In case you didn’t see it, the movie is about a plot by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il destroy the world, aided by clueless Lefty actors.

Now North Korea is making demands to the Czech Republic to ban the film, saying that it harms the image of their country.

The Czech Foreign Ministry pretty much told NK to get bent.

“We told them it’s an unrealistic wish,” ministry spokesman Vit Kolar was quoted as saying. “Obviously, it’s absurd to demand that in a democratic country.”

You tell ’em, Kolar.

9 thoughts on “I Suppose They Didn’t Get the Word That the Warsaw Pact Countries Aren’t Communist Anymore”

  1. Haha – this is hilarious. Fact does trump fiction pretty often (especially if you are talking about Commies or Democrats), this is beyond parody.

  2. …and here I was fearing that Kim Jong Il would be inspired by the film. Or at least get a shark tank.

  3. “I’m so woanwee…”

    If there was ever a guy the world (and millions of starving Koreans) would be better off without, Kim Jong Ill is it.

  4. I’ve been predicting that Team America will bring down the North Korean government. You got to believe that there are clandestine showings of the movie in North Korea, with people laughing their asses off at seeing Dear Leader lampooned.

  5. Warning to parents, don’t take your kids to see Team America. I thought it was a funny movie, but there are some things I never thought I would see marionettes do…

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