A brief introduction

My name is Margaret Ball, and I’ve been invited to blog here through an old high school friend, David Foster, who made the highly debatable assumption that having had a number of novels published demonstrates writing ability. We’ll see how that turns out.

My husband’s name is Steve Zoraster, and we’re both semi-retired; living in a very liberal neighborhood of a very liberal city; and making bets on how soon our Romney sign is going to be yanked out of the front yard.

16 thoughts on “A brief introduction”

  1. Welcome Margaret.
    My husband & I met in Austin; we saw the Blanton for the first time a few months ago. I’ve mixed feelings every time we go back.

  2. Welcome from behind the Orange Curtain, as my kids call it. My daughter lives in Santa Monica, an upscale leftist enclave. When I gave her the title on her car, and the truck I gave her husband, mostly to avoid the parking tickets I kept getting, her insurance rates doubled with the new address. I had no idea. Life in paradise. They live two blocks from the beach and pay through the nose for insurance.

  3. Congrats on the writing gig. I live in So. Cal; we don’t put up yard signs anymore. Nor do we do bumper stickers on cars for fear of being keyed. Such is the new political world.


  4. Welcome. I also abide in the People’s Republic of Austin, or Berkeley on the Colorado, as some call it. I love this city, but some days it’s hard to like it very much. I’ll look forward to your writing.

  5. “Nor do we do bumper stickers on cars for fear of being keyed.”

    That’s the reason why I never parked in doctor’s lots. Still, my car was keyed twice. I’m sure it was a hospital employee.

  6. Robert – No, no, you’ve got it backwards. Fire worships him. (At least that’s the way he explained it to me.)

  7. @Mike_K – years ago – for a good 40 years – my uncle lived in this old (1920s) Mediterranean style apt right off Wilshire maybe 4 blocks from the beach. His rent was very low, living there so long because of rent control but the owners understandably didn’t put much into maintenance or upkeep to this building. Can’t these liberals put 2 and 2 together?

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