Newsweek Duplicity

Most Americans are already aware that Newsweek is a resolutely anti-Republican sensationalist outfit. In keeping with most such publications, the editors consistenly slap together “high brow” (read elitist) fare, at once feeding the readership scraps of tabloid journalism while its opinion pages consistently mocks the same demographic. None of this is news, as anyone who reads the rag on a consistent basis can attest.

What is less clear, perhaps, is just how vicious its overseas editions get. Its Japanese edition, for example, excoriates America (and not just the red states), featuring a picture of American flags in trash cans. And yet, the contemporaneous edition in the US features a picture of President Bush, with only the blurb “America Leads … But Is Anyone Following?” as the only indication of its slant. Again, the cynical give Red Staters their pretty pictures, and Blue Staters their liberal [read Leftist] text, because we all know Red Staters are illiterate anyway ploy to try to shore up its dwindling reader base.

Gaijinbiker at Riding Sun provides more examples.

Even before this, I’d been considering cutting Newsweek out of my reading list. After the Koran-flushing debacle, I decided that I’ll get my readings of George Will from the Washington Post instead.

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  1. Interesting coincidence. Many years ago I’ve found an article by George Will in Newsweek during one of my flights. It was about Israel’s perennial problems with their neighbours. The article was like a breath of fresh air and on the spot I’ve decided to subscribe. That’s how I’ve discovered Newsweek. I believe that I’ve kept this subscription for about 20 years. About two years ago I’ve dropped both Newsweek and Times and I’m quite content with the blogosphere and other internet sources. I wonder how typical is this.

  2. The sad thing is, I’ve felt that Newsweek has actually maintained more of an appearance of actual news than Time. About six or so years ago (maybe it was earlier), I started noticing how Time had turned into ET Weekly for people embarassed to read the latter. Maybe that’s a better fate than reporting news and botching it.

  3. I’ve dropped them both. They’ve gotten thinner and more insubstantial… and what’s the point of rehashing week-old news if you aren’t going to bring any fresh insight, or go into any real depth?

  4. Marek,
    “I’m quite content with the blogosphere and other internet sources. ”

    Ditto. Add to these outdated journals’ weaknesses the fact that the web is interactive and responsive. These dinosaurs are dying a slow, messy death.

    Nurse, it’s time for incontinence diapers and a bed-pan change in the MSM ward!

  5. It’s remarkable how often the cover story is Jesus or the Bible. I guess that’s one of the ways they sell copy to the demographic they disdain.

  6. the Doge – and I am surprised at the stupidity of the demographic that Newsweek disdains. Perhaps we should also get into this business of selling Jesus/Bible/God!

    P.S. How do you get a UofC alum e-mail address?

  7. I read this piece first thing this morning and it made me so angry I literally could not comment on it. I was angry all morning too. Silly me. Why do I let these things affect me that way?

    The level of duplicity demonstrated by Newsweek is astounding. My first reaction was to simply assume they were selling thier audience what they felt they wanted to hear. But that idea broke up for me under analysis. Could anyone truly be so crass as to sell their own countrymen up the creek for a profit? That’d be, well, traitorous.

    I now suspect the Japanese edition is actually a MORE accurate reflection of the editor’s idealogical beliefs than the American edition. I believe that’s how they see America under Bush: broken, dirty with the blood and deeds of war, destined for the trash heap of history.

  8. Anyone who is just now thinking of dropping their subscription to Newsweek, Time, etc. is way behind the curve.

  9. What I find most hilarious about all of this is how Newseek and their defenders are crying that Newsweek’s gaff is no excuse for violence by muslims overseas, but if the slightest of ..well… muslims (including our enemies) is perceived from this administration or the US military, then Newseek and those same defenders treat is as if we had pulled the triggers and rioted over in those countries ourselves…trying to create such a concrete cause-and-effect bind so as to place us much blame as possible on the approprate “icky” americans…

    Apparently cool heads and calm demeanor’s ARE what liberals want overseas…so long as the muslim communities are reacting to the right people…..

  10. Newsweek borders on pablum. But the comments here that take it to task for the Koran flushing story seem to miss the point that the story came from a government official. Newsweek’s fault, if any, was in running with a single, anonymous source story, a habit the entire mainstream press has picked up, largely with White House urging. McClellan was almost laughed off the podium when he tried to chastise the press corps for using single source stories, because McClellan constantly gives them out and expects the press to run with them.

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