Any Publicity is Good Publicity

As a side note to the post below, it seems that is reporting that China is developing ways to control access to the Internet. (Post from May 19, 2005.) Not only are they trying to control access, but they’re also trying to influence content by hiring bloggers to push the party line. One can only speculate that the Chinese are also developing a database of Western pundits that bear watching.

This report seems to be true, and I found evidence for it right on the server. Here’s a discussion post written by a Chinese blogger that extols the prowess of the PLA. He does this by stating that the Communist Chinese have decisively won every single conflict that they’ve taken part in.

I wonder if The Chicago Boyz will ever come to the attention of Chinese shills. If they do I hope they get it right. It’s “Rummel” with one “L”.

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