Cover Songs – Ryan Adams on Bob Mould

I have been following the cover song debate here at Chicago Boyz with the mantra “if you are going to do a cover, make it your own.”

Here is Ryan Adams covering Bob Mould’s “Black Sheets of Rain” on Letterman. I always liked Bob Mould and of course Husker Du (just downloaded the new album and will be giving it a spin, sounds great) but I have to say that Ryan Adams improved upon Bob’s version of this great song.

I started the video about at the 2:25 mark… typical of Ryan Adams there is a self indulgent time when he wanders around getting ready to play. But hell, the guy is a genius, so what do I know.

[Jonathan adds: I wasn’t able to get the video to start at the right place. You will have to move the slider to the 2:25 mark to get it to start there.]

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