re: What They Teach the Children in Schools Today

The wife and I moved to Ireland a year or so ago.
I found academic work here. So we moved.

Today, the wife is walking the children home from school.
They pass by a lamppost dated “1911.” Douglas, who is 9,
asks “who was king then?”

“Edward VII”, she replies. Douglas thinks for a moment and says,
“George V was his son. And king during the First World toponlinelexapro
War.” “Excellent!” she cheers him on, and “Who were his sons?”
“Edward VIII and George VI.” “Fantastic!” she exclaims, “And
who is George VI father to?”

Douglas yells happily back …
“Our current Queen!!”

There you have it … I name him after an outstanding American …
and he grows up to be a Tory (while living in Ireland!).
Where did I go wrong?

Mr. Innisfree

2 thoughts on “re: What They Teach the Children in Schools Today”

  1. Well of course she’s your Queen too.

    After you completely lost the bubble and elected that Hussein fellow, it has become patently obvious that you’d be much better off as a Dominion within a revived Empire (except California, they have to become independent or the deal’s off). So if you re-elect him the Anschluss starts 24 hours later.

    Hey, after Benghazi your military and state department are already on-side. Her Majesty’s United States Navy was ours from the moment we said ‘no more dry warships, guys’.

    Mk50 of Brisbane
    (The Australian one)

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