Music for 2012 (Carl’s List)

With Youtube it is easy to try out new music so I recommend that you check on some of these links and see what you think. iTunes is also just a couple of clicks away.

Bob Mould – The Silver Age – Album

Bob Mould was the lead singer and guitarist of Husker Du, the seminal punk (?) band. After they broke up he went solo, formed the great band Sugar, and then got weird. He’s back now, guitars blazing, and it sounds great. Here he is playing the lead single “The Descent” on Letterman.

Calvin Harris – Feel So Close – Single

This simple, hypnotic song with a very humanistic video is one of the best songs of the year (see it here). The sparse use of electronics in all the right places is what moves it into something great.

LCD Soundsystem – Shut Up and Play the Hits – DVD

The great electronic band LCD Soundsystem fronted by James Murphy disbanded this year and he had a farewell tour and DVD of their final shows in New York City. I had the privilege of seeing LCD Soundsystem three times and they put on a great show every time. Here is a clip of them playing “All My Friends” from the DVD.

Soundgarden – King Animal – Album

When Soundgarden came back to Lollapalooza I was amazed at how great Chris Cornell’s voice sounded. This is their first album in many years and it is as if they never left. Here is “Been Away Too Long” on Letterman.

M.I.A. – Bad Girls – Video

The video for MIA’s song “Bad Girls” was completely original and new. Talk about doing your own stunts… check it out here.

Afghan Whigs – “Lovecrimes” – Song

The Afghan Whigs were a great alternative band back in the day known for “Gentlemen” and other hits. Front man Greg Dulli is still out there making great music and he reformed the band – this is their cover of a Frank Ocean song “Lovecrimes” You can download it for free at their web site here.

Pelican – “Ataraxia/Taraxis” – EP

Pelican is a progressive metal band that uses major not minor chords and does all instrumentals, with no guitar solos. And yet they make up for what isn’t there by doing more with what they have. This EP has 2 great songs “Lathe Biosas” and “Parasite Colony” and no, I don’t know what the names mean, either. I missed Pelican when they came to Chicago this summer I will have to catch them next time. Here is “Lathe Biosas“.

Led Zeppelin – “Celebration Day” – DVD

In 2007 Led Zeppelin played what turned out to be “one show only” in the UK and captured it on DVD. They were at the top of their form and sounded fantastic; I was not expecting the guys in their 60’s to put on a show anything like this. The DVD is highly recommended I saw it in a theater and my only wish was for them to turn it up louder. Sadly it does not seem that they have plans to play again any time soon. Here they are playing “Kashmir“.

Pitbull – “Don’t Stop the Party” – Video

I had to put this one up because it stops me in my tracks whenever the video comes on. Pitbull is stretching his limited talent to a degree that is unimaginable, but he knows his formula, as you can see here. A female companion said “why can’t there be one good looking guy in this video” but, ha ha, that is the Pitbull formula, as you can see here.

Katy Perry – “Part of Me” – Video

Katy Perry transforms into the hottest US Marine of all time in this video. Extra props because some thought she glorified the marines, to boot.

Meshuggah – Koloss – Album

I generally am not a fan of death metal or the “growly” type of singer but Meshuggah is an exception with their technical excellence. Their new album Koloss is heavy and engaging and recommended. Here is “Do Not Look Down“.

Bloc Party – Octopus – Single

Bloc Party came out with a fantastic first album “Banquet” a few years back but then got weirder and finally split apart for a while. Now they are back together with their Police-ish very good drumming and interesting jangly riffs. Glad they are back, see it here.

Prong – Carved Into Stone- Album

Prong was a pretty obscure metal / alternative rock band best known for “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck”. I saw that they had a new album on iTunes and I picked it up and it is recommended. Heavy as ever. Here is “Revenge Best Served Cold“.

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