Congress to Vote Tomorrow on Bill (S. 397) to Protect Firearms Manufacturers

In the best spirit of the big media I am copying the title of my post from an activist group’s press release! (And why not, since I agree with the activists in this case. My biases are open for inspection.)

The US House of Representatives votes tomorrow on S. 397, the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act,” which would shield the firearms industry from liability for the actions of violent criminals. Makes sense to me. If Congress wants to restrict availability of weapons, let it pass laws doing so. It’s wrong for Congress to dodge the issue while allowing unpopular interest groups to impose their anti-gun agenda via lawsuits.

You can phone your Congressional representative at (202) 225-3121. Or visit the NRA’s site to get precise contact info. I phoned my Congresswoman’s office. The conversation went like this:

Q: Hi. What is Congresswoman X’s position on S.397?

A: She is very concerned.

Q: Me too. And I would urge her to support this bill as passed by the Senate. . .

Worth a try, no? These calls are always fun, because if the issue is at all controversial or your Congressman is wavering, you can really make the receptionist squirm if you politely ask what the boss’s position is before you state your own.

(Via the NRA and Illinois State Rifle Association)

UPDATE: The bill passes.