She can’t get enough of it

Update: I was referring to the belly-rub, of course. It seems that this isn’t obvious to people who have never owned a dog.

Update II: Thanks to Steven den Beste for pointing out that the Internet Explorer won’t display the image if I leave the ‘width’ and ‘height’ tags empty. I use Mozilla and didn’t notice myself.

It was the same with this post.

10 thoughts on “She can’t get enough of it”

  1. Is this a psychology test? If so, I think it should be said that she never could get enough. She’s insatiable.

  2. Ralf, what browser do you use? The way your IMG tag is encoded, the image doesn’t show up in IE. (The problem is the empty WIDTH=”” and HEIGHT=”” clauses, I think.)

    A lot of the responses you got to this post were based on what looked like a null post with nothing but a cryptic headline.

  3. Isn’t that true! This reminds me of a cartoon i saw once: picture a genie oozing from a lamp and hovering over your dog, lying just as she is in your picture. The genie says: “you have only one more wish — are you sure you want another belly rub?”

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