Just a Reminder

We value all of our readers, and that also applies to the thoughtful comments that you leave. Unfortunately, comment spam is a real problem here just like any other blog. Sometimes that means a comment is blocked by our spam protection software because a word or phrase was also used by the spammers.

If that should happen, if there are any problems at all, then please send me an Email with the text of the message you want to leave. Also make sure that you indicate which post you want to comment on. If you want to use a pseudonym then please let me know in the Email. Ill do my very best to make sure that your message is included toot sweet.

My Email is…

james_43202 at yahoo.com

4 thoughts on “Just a Reminder”

  1. James, thanks for posting this PSA. Readers may also email me if they wish. My address is jonathan at [the name of this blog] dot net.

    The anti-spam blacklist casts a wide net and frequently rejects comments for the wrong reasons. This is my fault, since I’m the main spam deleter and have a low threshold for adding new terms to the blacklist to make my life easier. The alternative is to require comment moderation or make commenters register and login, which I prefer not to do.

    So please bear with us and try not to let our dumb blacklist aggravate you. If your comment gets rejected, try substituting another term for the one that the blacklist doesn’t like, or contact me.


  2. James,

    You may want to change that post to something like james_43202_at_yahoo.com before the spambots harvest it and start filling your inbox with that processed pork product we all like so much:)

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