5 thoughts on “The UN Continues to Please”

  1. The Second Amendment means nothing outside of hunting.

    Our forefathers gave us that right to fend off a military takeover in the U.S. – by either the left or the right.

    Apparently, since most gun owners are far right they didn’t see fit to fight the far right takeover so here we are. On the verge of martial law.

    You’ll imitate your German counterparts of 70 years ago. You’ll allow them to take away any weapon that gives you parity with the military. You know you barely made a peep when the Brady Bill took away your assault rifles, which is what you’ll need to effectively combat troops.

    What a bunch of cowards, and what a sore disgrace you are to our forefathers who gave their blood for the likes of you.

    In Jesus’ Glorious and Holy name,
    Dean Berry — Real American



  2. This comment has nothing to do with this post, however, since you seem to be a popular blog located in Illinois perhaps you could help out a hospitalized woman named Andrea Clarke. She was in a hospital in Texas and deemed unworthy to keep on dialysis and a respirator and the hospital had said they would remove her from her life support. Through the good work of Conservative and liberal bloggers the hospital agreed to pay the money to tranfer Clarke to another hospital where she would be spared the guillotine. (The Texas hospital agreed to pay for transportation, only if the family made the desicion to transfer Clarke within 24 hours…hmmm) However, Clarkes family needs assistance from people in Chicago. Could this blog be of help with accommodations etc? As one commenter on Right Wing News Blog says:

    “Hey Chicago-land readers –

    Is there any way we can set up temporary housing for the family during this move? They will have a number of concerns, both financial and emotional, during this move (even with the hospital financing the bulk), and they will continue to need support.

    by BrudLee on 2006-04-28 07:41:50”

    This heart rending story has been Posted on Right Wing News, Democratic Underground, Pro Life Blogs Pro Life blogs and others. You could go there and find out more on the story. Thanx.

  3. I didn’t explain in my previous comment that Clarke is being transfered to a Chicago hospital, hence, my request is being made to this blog – My stupid ommission!

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