Duh, wrong country, Senator

So, I sent an email to my two Donk senators, Durbin and Obama complaining about how we pay the Gyppies $1 billion per annum and they go out and arrest a perfectly nice blogger, that guy Alaa . I was irate at the time, I assure you, caught up in one of those blogospheric mob frenzies where thousands of people worldwide are hunched over their keyboards and feeling like they are part of the Historical Moment. So I figured everyone else is spamming the embassy, I’ll give the Dick and Barack something to think about. Nothing back yet from Durbin, the putz. Obama, however, sent me a very heartfelt response which begins “Thank you so much for contacting me with your concerns about the political situation in Belarus. I certainly understand and share those concerns.” He went on and on like this for a while. Well, at least it is the correct hemisphere.

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