Got Yer Wednesday World Cup Blogging Right Here

My old pal Mark Mravic and his colleague who blogs as “Bechtel” have an amusing road blog covering their visit to Germany for some “football”.

Things I Learned About Germany: 1) Beer is cheaper than Coke. 2) It’s hot. 3) People are just as fat here as in the States. 4) The men dress much better than the women. 5) Germans really do talk like Colonel Klink.

And of course it would not be soccer on this blog without a reference to those ten German bombers:

There were about 100,000 English fans in town without tickets, and most of them were watching the Paraguay game down along the river, where four big screens had been set up (including one in the middle of the Main). The most common chant from them was the old “There were 10 German bombers in the air” one, in which the RAF proceeds to shoot them down–one-by-one, which, if nothing else, makes for a hell of a long cheer.

Much beer is drunk, many sausages are eaten. Heat and crowds and packed, stationary trains are endured.

Some soccer also occurs.

Most amusing. (Start at the bottom and read up.)

3 thoughts on “Got Yer Wednesday World Cup Blogging Right Here”

  1. NO, NO, NO, NO! Not Chicagoboyz as well! For goodness sake, lay off the wretched World Cup, especially the oh-so-amusing fans. Please! I shall have to stop reading this as well for the next fortnight and I can’t stand the thought of that. If you want to write about football, do so but not the beer and the fans and all that stuff. It’s a great game, but you wouldn’t believe it from some of the coverage. Still, once England is out, we can start concentrating on the game itself.

  2. Hey, Helen, ya gotta support your friends’ blogs. Especially if they are funny. Even if they are about the non-soccer parts of the World Cup. Please don’t boycott for two whole weeks! I promise I’ll have something good up soon. (Now to figure out what that will be … .)

  3. They’re all fat like Americans because they’re the same ethinicity of all those big upper midwesterners.

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