Got Yer Terror Plot Against The Sears Tower Right Here

Glittering Eye has the Chicago media rundown.

I used to work in the Sears Tower, and I still have friends over there. It is like the place has a big target on it. I can see the top of the Sears Tower from the entrance to my El station in the morning. I always think, if the bastards get a nuke, the smart thing to do is just bring it up to the Sky Deck on top of the Sears Tower. You get the effect of an air burst that way. Line of sight to my neighborhood. Minimum, it would set the roof of my house on fire, and if it was a decent sized nuke they’d incinerate the place, so they’d get my wife and kids. I’m downtown so I’d be dead in the first milliseconds of the attack, or crushed as my building came down. I also think if they were really, really smart they’d do it in February. The housing of millions of people would be wrecked, and you’d probably lose as many people from exposure as you would to blast and fire.

There would be dancing in the streets in Gaza again, plus lots of schadenfreude in lots of places — most places, actually.

The worst thing is, I still think it is more likely than not that it will eventually happen. The odds of a nuke may be down a little. Depends if I am right that Iran is rational actor faking being nuts or not, and on some other factors. So, maybe no nuke. But a big OK City Style truck bomb in the Loop could do a lot of execution. Some kind of massive attack on Chicago is too tempting to these guys. It will eventually happen.

It is going to be a long war. We are still in the “Initial Period”.

Live well, be prepared to meet your Maker, and enjoy each day.

3 thoughts on “Got Yer Terror Plot Against The Sears Tower Right Here”

  1. I remember going up in the Sears Tower at dusk and watching the street-lights come on from as far away as Indiana, blink-blink-blink marching straight up the avenues. Some of those roads are damn straight and long.

  2. Dave, A Chicago area gathering of various contributors, readers and allies is a good idea too long deferred. But first you have to add us to your blogroll!

    Dirtcrashr, that is a mighty view indeed. The view from the Hancock not as good, but you can drink up there. Life is a series of trade-offs.

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