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  • Operation Just Desserts

    Posted by Shannon Love on July 14th, 2006 (All posts by )

    That is what the Israeli have named their operations in Lebanon.

    It has the virtue of being both funny and accurate.


    5 Responses to “Operation Just Desserts”

    1. Pursuit Says:

      Good to see the blog of some fellow Chicagoans! This post gives me and idea:

      While this whole thing is underway tourism is likely to suffer. So me, I same takes lemons and make some lemonade! Proposed tourism slogan:

      Lebanon: Come for the bombing, stay for the falafel!

    2. chel Says:

      Maybe it’s just me but it just doesn’t seem right to choose a cheeky name for a military operation where you are trying to destroy stuff and kill people.

    3. Anonymous Says:

      Well, “Nuts” was a bit cheeky & God knows there was death all around. The black humor of SNAFU was sometimes bitter, too. I can see your point and felt a moment’s pause, too. But sometimes I think such words at such times undercut the pompous and by their understatement help soldiers remember why they are there (after all, isn’t this a way of saying, “remember the Alamo”? Remember those dead who were didn’t think of themselves at war, who were merely going about their duties as soldiers & others that were merely living out their daily lives in Israel?)

    4. Mitch Says:

      I’ve been reading some of the ME blogs. There are many who blame Israel for over-reacting and escalating. I don’t understand why the party starting a fight should be able to dictate the terms of defense, but let that pass. What is remarkable is that even the Lebanese blogs who blame Nasrulla and Hezb’Allah consider Lebanon to be an innocent injured party.

      The part that Lebanon refuses to face is that they permitted Hezb’Allah to retain their arms and control the border area. This is a violation of the UN agreement. They have also supported Hezb’Allah’s irredentist claim to the Shaaba Farms area on Lebanon’s behalf, while the UN decided that this was formerly Syrian territory and no concern of Lebanon. Lebanon is therefor complicit in Hezb’Allah’s attacks.

      It may have seemed like a cheap fix for Lebanon. They didn’t have to expend money and blood to crush Hezb’Allah, and all the danger (externalities, in economic terms) seemed to be exported across the border to Israel. It was a cynical calculation on Lebanon’s part.

      Oops. Better re-check those sums.

    5. Shannon Love Says:


      Maybe it’s just me but it just doesn’t seem right to choose a cheeky name for a military operation where you are trying to destroy stuff and kill people.

      It might just be gallows humor on my part. I am not sure exactly how the Israeli regard it.

      Destruction and death aren’t episodic for the Israeli. Instead they occur on a near daily basis. Remember that Israel has been at war 24/7 for the last 55+ years. Its as if WWII was still ongoing for us. After all that time it would be more than a little a difficult to keep up a serious mien and stay sane.

      I think the jocularity implicit in the name tells us that the Israeli feel justified in the operation, united in their support of it and confident in its positive outcome.