Glassware Synergy

Dan and I often go back and forth with awesome (or awesomely awful, such as a great beer in a Coors Light cup) glassware synergy. Recently I was in Brooklyn, New York and found two great examples.

This glass is from a “Kolsch” beer. The guy next to me at the bar started telling a story that in Germany, Kolsch is barely even considered beer, and you have to put your coaster atop your glass else they will just keep filling it indefinitely. Funny I was able to “authenticate” that story on the ol’ intertubes here. I really like that Kolsch beer and would be glad to find somewhere around Chicago that has it on tap; I also really dig getting Kronenbourg 1664 on tap, as well (a French beer).

The second is from Ommegang Abbey Ale. I took the photo from my mobile so it isn’t perfect on the logo but you can definitely make out the dancing monks.

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  1. We went to a Belgian beer-tasting once: most instructive. Different beers were served in different shapes of glasses: the point was to enclose for your enjoyment the good aroma of some beers, and to disperse the sour aromas of others. You could do controlled experiments by swapping the types of glasses around – completely persuasive.

    P.S. The Belgians have a wonderful array of excellent beers.

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